It's time to change the nature of the supply house. With over 800 different foodservice manufacturers, maintaining an inventory within driving distance of your customers is nearly impossible. Warehouses transfer parts from one to another to fulfill their customer needs, causing delays, additional freight cost, and a poor overall customer experience.

At Tech Oasis, we carry parts that have already been ordered, not parts waiting to be ordered. Our partners batch regional orders and ship everything to Tech Oasis in a single shipment. Our partners can sit back while Tech Oasis manages the customer experience at the final leg of the transaction. With no effort or overhead cost our partners receive a local presence and a centralized location to grow their customer base.

Tech Oasis does this by working with multiple distributors. As an all-in-one parts counter, any customer can order from their preferred distributors and pick up all the parts they need from one place.

Our number one goal is to provide an amazing experience to the technician and we know the top priority of any technician is to simplify the parts ordering and receiving. With one centralized location for all ordered parts, technicians never need to fumble with missing or misplaced parts. They just have to stop by Tech Oasis first to grab whatever they may need for the job.

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